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YMC Announces the Planned Construction of a New Purification Facility at Komatsu Works and Completion of Expansion of Ion Exchange Resin Production

January 26, 2016

YMC is pleased to announce the construction of a new building for GMP contract purification services.  The new purification facility will cost 1.5 billion Japanese Yen and is scheduled to open in August of 2015 at YMC’s Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture production site.  The new construction will enable YMC to expand current purification capabilities beyond the capacities afforded at the recently completed Chiral Technologies Center in Kyoto and the existing chiral and achiral purification capabilities at Komatsu Works.  Planned services at the new purification facility will focus on pharmaceutical related compounds including small molecule chiral and achiral compounds and biomolecules as well as natural products.

The new facility will be equipped with 300, 450, and 600mm i.d. Dynamic Axial Compression columns, K-Prep HPLC (20 liter/min), and BioStream LPLC (10liter/min) purification skids, a 200 liter/hr evaporator, and a 100 liter scale lyophilizer.  Additional glass columns for low pressure purification of proteins will also be outfitted at the site.  YMC contract purification capacity will increase to dozens of metric tons/year.

YMC also recently completed installation of a new 1000 liter reactor at the Komatsu facility that will increase production of BioPro Bulk ion exchange resins to 20,000 liters/year.

Please contact us at our Allentown office (610-266-8650) to inquire about chromatography resin needs and contract purification services.

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