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Analytical: YMC-BioPro Ion-Exchange Screening Kits

Ion-exchange (IEX) screening kits designed for separation of biomolecules

The BioPro Ion Exchange Screening Kit is a kit of screening columns that are packed with BioPro ion exchange resins designed for separation of proteins, nucleotides, and other biomolecules.

These kits are ideal for initial method development (resin screening and analyte suitability), loadability studies, and even lab-scale purifications.

Kits are available with single chemistries or with four different chemistries. Available material chemistries include weak and strong anion exchange and weak and strong cation exchange.



1 mL Size

(26 x 7 mm i.d.)

5 mL Size

(26 x 15.6 mm i.d.)

Ion-Exchange_spec1 Ideal for:

  • Resin Screening
  • Purification Method Development
Ion-Exchange_spec2 Ideal for:

  • Purification Method Development
  • Loadibility Studies
  • Lab-scale Purifications


BioPro Standard Screening Kit
Product Details



Strong Anion Exchanger
BioPro SmartSep Q

Strong Cation Exchanger
BioPro SmartSep S

Base Material:

Hydrophilic porous polymer (methacrylate)

Particle Size:


Charged Group: -R-N+(CH3)3 -R-SO3-
pH Range:




Strong Anion Exchanger
BioPro Q

Strong Cation Exchanger
BioPro S

Weak Anion Exchanger
BioPro DA

Weak Cation Exchanger
BioPro CM

Base Material:

Hydrophilic porous polymer (methacrylate)

Particle Size:



Charged Group: -R-N+(CH3)3 -R-SO3- -R-N+(CH3)2 -R-COOH
pH Range:


Regular Use: 3-12
Short Term: 1-13



Product List

Product Table

With the exception of the Selection Kit, each item below is a kit containing five screening columns in the designated phase and volume.

Phase Particle Size Volume Column I.D. (mm) Part Number PriceQuantity
Selection Kit* 60/75μm 1mL 7.0 BPIESKS99-01PK $134.00
YMC-BioPro CM60 60μm 1mL 7.0 BPCMM99S60-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro CM60 60μm 5mL 15.6 BPCMM99S60-05PK $361.00
YMC-BioPro DA60 60μm 1mL 7.0 BPDAM99S60-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro DA60 60μm 5mL 15.6 BPDAM99S60-05PK $361.00
YMC-BioPro Q30 30μm 1mL 7.0 BPQSA0S30-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro Q30 30μm 5mL 15.6 BPQSA0S30-05PK $361.00
YMC-BioPro Q75 75μm1mL 7.0 BPQAA0S75-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro Q75 75μm 5mL 15.6 BPQAA0S75-05PK $361.00
YMC-BioPro S30 30μm 1mL 7.0 BPSSA0S30-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro S30 30μm 5mL 15.6 BPSSA0S30-05PK $361.00
YMC-BioPro S75 75μm1mL 7.0 BPSPA0S75-01PK $155.00
YMC-BioPro S75 75μm 5mL 15.6 BPSPA0S75-05PK $361.00

*Contains one 1mL column each of BioPro Q75, S75, DA60, and CM60

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