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YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined Column Now Available

April 18, 2017

We are proud to announce that our new YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined column is now available. You can purchase this newly-released product as well as buy other analytical columns online.

The YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined Column, a product of expert craftsmanship, boasts impressive features such as:

  • YMC-Triart phases packed into PEEK-lined hardware that is complete with PEEK frits
  • Guaranteed ability to withstand high pressure
  • Suitability for the analysis of metal coordination compounds
  • Effectiveness for high-sensitivity LC-MS analysis

Here are some things you should know about these new columns:


The specifications for this column include:

  • Base material: Organic/inorganic hybrid silica
  • Available Chemistries: Triart C18, Triart C18 ExRS, Triart C8, Triart Phenyl, Triart PFP, and Triart Diol-HILIC
  • Particle size: 9µm, 3µm, 5µm
  • Pore size: 120Å, 80Å (Triart C18 ExRS)
  • Wetted part (liner): PEEK
  • Outer tube: Stainless steel
  • Frit: PEEK

Improved Sensitivity

Metal coordination compounds with a phosphate group in their structure typically exhibit poor peak shape as they interact with metals found in traditional stainless steel columns.  By using YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined columns, metal surfaces are eliminated within the column, thereby decreasing peak broadening caused by these interactions.  As a result, analyte peaks are sharper, providing improved sensitivity of coordination compounds.

System Optimization

In addition to choosing YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined columns, further improvements can be made to the HPLC system by replacing other metal system components.

Non-metal system optimization can be achieved using metal-free components such as:

  • PEEK sample loop
  • PEEK injector needle
  • PEEK tubing between injector and column

By using these components in addition to a PEEK-lined column, additional improvements in peak shape of coordination compounds can be realized.

Our YMC-Triart columns are ideal for a variety of applications in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and are well-known for their ruggedness and durability in wide-ranging conditions.

You can learn more about our YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined Column and other innovative products by contacting us today. You can also buy HPLC columns and other products on our easy-to-use website. You can reach us by calling 888-341-8380 today; we hope to hear from you!