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About YMC America, Inc.

YMC America, Inc. offers separation products and services associated with the purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds and drug products.  Located in Devens, MA, we are a full service liquid chromatography company offering sales, service, technical product support, applications assistance, method development, and purification services.

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The Leading Chromatography Company

chromatography companyYMC America, a premier chromatography company located in Devens, MA, strives to provide leading liquid chromatography products and services associated with the purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds for their clients. This chromatography company is a full range supplier of bulk packing materials and products that are designed to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

Since releasing their first product in 1980, YMC is dedicated to offering top-notch services, sales, technical product support, purification services and applications assistance. We provide these services for our clients including pharmaceutical producers, biopharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and medium to smaller pharma firms.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of customer support in an effort to earn their trust and confidence.


YMC America offers a variety of different LC columns, components, and separation materials. Our selection of columns include:

CHIRAL Columns: Our CHIRAL columns are ideal for chromatography techniques such as supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), HPLC, prep scale LC, and simulated moving bed (SMB).

Dynamic Axial Compression Columns: There are a variety of standout features to our Dynamic Axial Compression Column series. These features include a high-pressure rating (5 Mpa to 10 Mpa), standard column dimensions, variable column bed, simple and easy packaging, high pressure capabilities, and an optional resin slurry kettle.

HILIC Columns: Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) columns help bridge the gap between reversed phase and normal phase since extremely polar compounds can be retained while using eluents and buffers that are acceptable for LC-MS.

HPLC Columns: Our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns are used for a variety of analytes and deliver efficient separation results. We also offer HPLC bulk packing materials for easy scalability from analytical separations.

Ion Exchange Columns: Our Ion Exchange columns are designed to separate peptides, proteins and nucleic acids. Advantages of these columns include a high recovery rate of biomolecules and fast analysis on non-porous particles offering excellent resolution.

Reversed Phase Columns: Reversed phase columns are available to optimize separations efficiently and provide reliable selectivity and improved retention. We offer various C18, C8, and C4, as well as many other reversed phase options.

LPLC and HPLC systems: lab to large prep scale standard and custom skids.

YMC America is experienced in providing excellent customer service and support. We work to understand our clients’ product development needs and also provide separation technologies for all scales of product manufacturing. We will also provide documentation for our customers’ regulatory needs.

If you are interested in learning more about YMC America’s  HPLC columns or normal phase columns, we encourage you to browse our website. You can learn more about our selection of columns and separating materials. You are invited to visit our News page for the latest about our chromatography company or our Contact Us page where you can receive the information for calling us and filling out a contact form.