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Find the Perfect Chromatography Column Solution with YMC America, Inc.

September 7, 2017

The world of liquid chromatography is complex, and companies in the industry need to be prepared to tackle many different applications. Here at YMC America, Inc., we are dedicated to providing chromatography solutions for every situation.

For 37 years, we at YMC have committed ourselves to sharing our chromatographic expertise with our customers. Our extensive catalog provides a wide range of options for biotech and pharmaceutical companies as they search for reliable and durable chromatography products. Today, we would like to showcase some of our size exclusion, reversed-phase, and ion exchange products.

Size Exclusion Columns

If you are looking to buy SEC columns, look no further than YMC. Our popular YMC-Pack Diol SEC columns are available in 4 pore sizes, making it the perfect choice for separations based on molecular size.

Reversed-Phase Columns

Need reversed phase C18 columns? We provide a comprehensive range of these types of columns. Designed to withstand a broad range of pressures, temperatures, and pH, our offerings can fill almost any need. Created with chemical and mechanical strength in mind, our consistent and reliable columns and bulk packings have become the preferred choice for many companies working in many fields that use chromatography as a key enabling technology.

Ion Exchange Columns

Customers looking to buy ion exchange columns online can find a variety of options on our website. Our YMC BioPro series are designed in both QA (quaternary ammonium) and SP (sulfopropyl) chemistries in porous and nonporous particles. We provide top-of-the-line ion exchange resins in bulk that are suitable for isolating oligonucleotides, antibodies, peptides, and proteins at research, development, and production scales. To ease the development of loadability studies and purification methods, we have various resin screening kits available as well.

We encourage you to look through our catalog and learn more about our company on our website. You can also talk to one of our experts at 888-341-8380.