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YMC-BioPro Ion-Exchange and YMC-Triart Reversed Phase Products

October 4, 2017

At YMC America, Inc., we provide separation products and services utilized in the purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds and other drugs. Learn about some of the ion-exchange and reversed phase products that we offer that are perfect for those looking to buy ion exchange resin.

Ion Exchange

The BioPro series ion exchange columns are specifically designed for the analysis and purification of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. You can purchase these products online in quaternary ammonium (anion exchange) as well as sulfopropyl (cation exchange) chemistries. Furthermore, BioPro separations are completely scalable up to prep for polishing and preparative purification. Columns come in 3, 5, 6, 10, 20, 30 and 75 micron particle sizes. BioPro columns come packed in PEEK column tubes with PEEK fittings instead of stainless steel to provide an inert separation environment.

We also supply BioPro ion exchange screening kits with a wide range of product configurations such as strong (SCX, SAX) and weak (WCX, WAX) ion exchangers. Cartridge kits like this are perfect for identifying analyte suitability and method development conditions.

YMC BioPro IEX columns are also available in both porous and non-porous types. They consist of a hydrophilic polymer bead base that doesn’t exhibit any of the secondary interactions that usually come with using polystyrene-based materials. Intended for use on proteins and peptides, BioPro particles are based on a hydrophilic methacrylate polymer with low nonspecific absorption. They produce excellent resolution, yield high recovery of biomolecules, and provide fast analyses when using the non-porous types.

Reversed Phase Columns

 Committed to improving your productivity and flexibility when it comes to method development, our reversed phase columns are available for purchase in a multitude of chemistries to maximize separation options that offer better resolution and reliable selectivity. Here are a couple of C18 columns available to buy:

●     YMC-Triart C18

This hybrid-silica based C18 column is best-known for its mechanical and chemical durability. Triart C18 has a higher carbon load than other hybrid C18’s on the market, making it more retentive of typical pharmaceutical compounds under most running conditions. The Triart particle’s extreme mechanical strength makes it a perfect material to use at the higher pressures associated with UHPLC analysis.

●     YMC-Triart C18 ExRS

As with all Triart-based materials, this reversed phase column is ideal for both HPLC and UHPLC. Designed with high hydrophobicity due to its high carbon loading (25%), this C18 column works well for separations involving hydrophobic isomers and structural analogs.

If you wish to learn more about YMC-BioPro ion exchange and YMC-Triart reversed phase products, contact our friendly team today!