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LC Columns with Axial Bed Compression

January 26, 2016

Column bed uniformity can be difficult to achieve with semi-preparative and preparative diameter columns. By compressing the bed axially (i.e., lengthwise), the particles may be held rigidly in place assuring maximum performance of the column bed.

YMC Actus columns apply axial compression for use in semi-preparative separations, where voiding would otherwise be a troublesome problem.These columns display outstanding durability under high throughput conditions and are ideal for milligram scale preparative HPLC.

YMC’s history in purification scale separations includes extensive experience with Axial Compression Technology. YMC has adapted the technology for use with 20mm and 30mm id semi prep scale columns as well as in large production scale columns which are dynamically compressed axially.  On the semi-prep scale, the column bed is compressed effectively by utilizing the end fitting assembly specifically designed for YMC Actus columns.

Side-by-side testing under high-speed and high-pressure shows no degradation of Actus column performance.  In conventional semi-prep columns, however, voids and cracks are found in the column bed, and results show a degradation of performance.

Product Features:

  • Improved bed uniformity (10% higher than conventional columns)
  • Reduced occurrence of voids
  • Longer overall column lifetime
  • Improved resolution and efficiency
  • Guard columns (convenient cartridge design) are also available

Click here to view a copy of our Actus brochure.