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YMC Meteoric Core

January 26, 2016

YMC has released the new Meteoric Core HPLC column product line. Meteoric Core columns are packed with superficially porous 2.7 micron bonded silica particles comprised of a solid silica core of 1.7 micron and a porous silica shell of 0.5 micron thickness. The resulting shorter diffusion path in and out of the superficially porous shell serves to minimize peak broadening and make for faster run times with greater efficiency compared to fully porous particle columns packed with 3 and 5 micron silica derivatized particles. YMC Meteoric Core columns are bonded with C18 or C8 chemistry and give fast analysis times similar in speed to competitive columns packed with sub-2 micron totally porous particles that run at much higher pressures.

YMC Core-Shell columns are available in Meteoric Core C18, Meteoric Core C18 Bio, and Meteoric Core C8. Both Meteoric Core C18 and C8 come in 80Å pore size. Meteoric Core C18 Bio is available in 160Å pore size, which makes it useful for analysis of larger molecular weight species.

The Meteoric Core C18 column is a high resolution column which provides excellent peak shapes for basic compounds compared to sub-2 µm Core-Shell columns. Chromatographers can also expect ultrafast analysis of basic compounds with good peak shape using Meteoric Core columns.


  • Easy method optimization
  • UHPLC separation and outstanding resolution
  • Excellent peak shape on basic and coordination compounds
  • Wide usable pH range
  • Low column bleed ideal for LC/MS

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