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Our Newest Size Exclusion Chromatography Column for Monoclonal Antibodies: YMC-SEC MAB

October 5, 2018

At YMC America, Inc., you can buy analytical columns to meet your most demanding applications. Now, we are pleased to announce our newest analytical column: YMC-SEC MAB.

This silica-based size exclusion chromatography column consists of a dihydroxypropyl stationary phase bonded to a silica gel base, and has been specifically designed for high-resolution analysis of monoclonal antibody products.

Key product specifications:

  • Base particle: 3µm silica
  • Pore size: 250Å
  • Functional group: Dihydroxypropyl (Diol)
  • pH range: 5.0-7.5
  • Max temperature: 40 °C
  • Molecular weight: 10kDa to 700kDa

YMC-SEC MAB is optimized for separating both aggregates and fragments of mAbs. Additionally, it can be used for analyzing antibody drug conjugates by using organic-containing mobile phases which reduce hydrophobic interactions. See our ADC application here: YMC-SEC MAB for ADCs


Benefits of YMC-SEC MAB

  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility: Virtually no lot-to-lot variability providing excellent reproducibility for effective quality control methods.  Exhibits low non-specific adsorption with improved stability for long column lifetime.
  • Exceptional resolution: Provides competitive performance to similar 3µm SEC products currently available on the market. For both HMW and LMW species, resolution is significantly improved.
  • Designed for antibody sizing separations: Developed on a 3µm, 250Å pore size particle useful for separating aggregates from monomer, as well as providing increased resolution for lower molecular weight fragments.

To learn more about this new product, or to buy silica columns and other chromatography products, browse our website or contact us directly.