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Save 20% When You Purchase YMC-Triart Columns

November 30, 2018

At YMC America, we take great pride in our LC products and services for analysis and purification of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug products. In an effort to provide our products at an even better price, all phases of Triart columns are on sale for a limited time. Customers will be able to take advantage of these savings when they buy UHPLC columns and other products in the Triart line.

YMC America’s Triart Product Line

Stationary phase types within the Triart lineup are extensive, giving separation scientists a wide range of chemistries for analytical testing and preparative purification. Triart columns and bulk packing materials are available for:

  • Micro/ Capillary
  • Analytical
  • SemiPrep/Prep

The entire list of YMC-Triart columns includes:

  • YMC-Triart C18
  • YMC-Triart C8
  • YMC-Triart Bio C4
  • YMC-Triart C18 ExRS
  • YMC-Triart PFP
  • YMC-Triart Phenyl
  • YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC
  • YMC-Triart SIL
  • YMC-Triart PEEK-Lined Columns

Our Triart Column Characteristics

YMC-Triart hybrid-silica has several distinct advantages over other column packings. Inspired by our flow chemistry technology, these stationary phases are made with high-level temperature and particle formation control, meaning you will have unmatched reproducibility and scalability across all particle sizes.

When used at elevated temperatures, extreme pH, or under high-pressure mechanical stress (UHPLC), Triart proves to be highly resilient and stable.

Purchasing YMC-Triart Columns

For a limited time, you can purchase analytical Triart columns at a discounted rate of 20% off. To access these prices, navigate to the “product list” section of any YMC-Triart column product page. You can then select the desired option(s) for the product and view the prices listed below. You’ll see a slash over the normal price, with the modified, discounted price next to it. Then choose the quantity of columns you would like to purchase, and click “Add to cart.”

YMC America sells a wide range of products online for pharmaceutical, biotech, and environmental testing. Customers looking to buy analytical columns from the Triart product line can contact YMC America today by phone at (888) 341-8380 or via our contact form.