Preparative Chromatography

A long history of supply at prep scale

Chromatography is a cornerstone technology in the manufacture of modern therapeutics. While the technique of separating and purifying complex mixtures has been around for over a century, the industrial scale of producing large quantities of specific molecules known as preparative chromatography is a more recent innovation. YMC was and continues to be a pioneer in preparative chromatography.

As opposed to analytical chromatography where sample sizes are miniscule, semi-prep and prep chromatography demand precision and reproducibility in producing milligram, gram, kilogram, and tonne quantities of product with the utmost attention to regulatory guidelines. Bulk packing materials, large diameter columns, and systems with capacities exceeding even 100 lpm all must be available for prep scale purification. YMC has each component for a complete prep-scale solution across both LPLC and HPLC applications.

YMC is noted for its consistent lot-to-lot supply of media for a wide range of molecules. Our GMP compliant downstream systems have won awards and the repeat business of the world’s largest therapy manufacturers. Our DAC and Glass columns are readily scalable.

Preparative chemistries (column packing materials)

YMC delivers pure predictability in scale-up and pure reliability in the supply of consistent lot-to-lot batches for both small and large molecule column packing materials—at any scale.

From our flagship YMC-Triart hybrid phases supplied in over five chemistries to our BioPro IEX (SAX or SCX) materials that deliver excellent dynamic binding capacity, high recovery, and very low non-specific adsorption—and many other chemistries, including RP, NP, chiral, and Gels—YMC has been a reputable and reliable partner in manufacturing suites for over 40 years.

Preparative systems

When it comes to capital equipment for the pilot to large-scale production of cutting-edge protein therapeutics, YMC has a full range of skids. From highly economical HPLCs to highly sophisticated custom-designed LPLC and HPLC systems with single unit capacities in excess of 100 LPM, for decades, YMC has been a leader in GMP compliant hardware. From single-column batch systems to the industry-leading twin-column Contichrom (continuous) LPLC and HPLC platform, YMC has the total solution with our industrial automation package or yours!

YMC is also the downstream supplier of choice for TFF, buffer, and caustic dilution, as well as biosynthesis, cleavage, and deprotection systems. YMC designs, automates, and manufactures its platforms to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, designed to GAMP and GMP using BPE/ASME as a foundation for our engineering.

Preparative columns

YMC has applied decades of operation and packing expertise to their prep column lines. These columns are manufactured by YMC for superior quality control and continuous innovation. Applied with our YMC prep systems and packing materials—or with your non-YMC system/materials—YMC prep columns provide superior performance.

YMC-Actus pre-packed columns

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) columns are widely used for preparative separation at pilot or production scale. The axial compression technology results in the uniform high-density packing that is necessary for highly efficient and stable HPLC columns.

YMC-Actus preparative columns were developed by applying this same technology. The column bed is compressed when attaching
the inlet end assembly of the YMC-Actus hardware. This provides increased bed density (10% higher than that of conventional
columns) and bed uniformity. Packed with YMC resins, Actus columns have been shown to maintain high stability under high flow rates and steep gradient conditions.

YMC Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns

More on YMC Glass Columns here

Preparative scale-up calculator

Let our scale-up calculator assist you in scaling up the chromatographic parameters such as flow rate or the amount of packing material. The use of the calculator is very simple: You only have to fill in the fields with the corresponding values and, after the parameters have been scaled up, you can also select the appropriate YMC (semi) preparative columns on our overview page. Benefit from the expertise of our scale-up calculator.


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