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YMC America Business Operations to Relocate to Devens, MA

YMC America business operations will relocate to Devens, MA, to add resources, space, and improved access to the epicenter of the global bio/pharma industry.

YMC America, a leading supplier of separation resins, services, and systems for the pharmaceutical market, will expand its operations into the YMC Devens, MA, facility beginning 1 February 2021. This move from its existing location in Allentown, PA, will provide more space for inventory and a larger employee base. The move seeks to retain the majority of YMC America employees.

The YMC Devens, MA, facility is the 32,000 ft2 (2,900 m2) R&D and manufacturing site of the former LEWA Process Technologies, which YMC acquired in 2019.

View our FAQ about the relocation.

The YMC Devens location is simultaneously establishing a new lab facility in a recently acquired building adjacent to the current site. This lab facility will support the heritage of YMC America products and serve as a center for conducting short and long-term studies as well as hands-on training. 

The YMC Group provides a range of chromatography resins, columns, and services that enable small and large molecule researchers and manufacturers to access a full complement of resources to facilitate the cost-effective production and QC of next-generation drugs. This expansion of capabilities will have a positive impact on customers using YMC technology by bringing closer together the consumable components of YMC (resins, pre-packed columns, related accessories) and the lab/GMP systems manufactured by YMC’s Devens bio/pharma systems group. 

The addition of the new lab building will enable YMC and YMC customers to evaluate and develop processes using the entire suite of YMC purification products. As an example, the use of leading C18 chemistries (YMC-Triart) has recently proven to further enhance the productivity of novel YMC system technologies such as YMC’s patented MCSGP technology for continuous purification of peptides, oligos, RNA- and DNA-based therapies, and vaccines.

This strengthening of capabilities in the Americas builds on YMC’s global leadership in continuous separation/purification technology. In Kyoto, Japan, at its recently opened lab complex known as “Kyoto Works,” YMC is escalating R&D of the continuous separation/purification platform in parallel with the expansion at the Devens location. 

The YMC Group intends to accelerate the development of the continuous separation/purification business on a global basis by leveraging its manufacturing, R&D, and laboratory infrastructures in Japan, Europe, and the Americas.

View our FAQ about the relocation.

Posted on January 6, 2021.

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