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The YMC Prep Story

Over the years, YMC success stories for Prep LC results have been told over and over again. We are proud of our end-to-end solutions for LC method development and scale-up.

Our solutions for prep embrace every chemistry mode we offer: reversed-phase, IEX, normal phase, SEC, chiral, HIC, and HILIC.

YMC doesn’t stop at just stationary phase chemistry. YMC offers a comprehensive selection of glass columns, screening kits, analytical columns, semi-prep columns, axial compression columns, and pilot-scale columns.

Beyond chemistry and column scale, YMC delivers a complete range of liquid chromatography process equipment — combining the technology strengths of YMC, ChromaCon, and YMC Process Technologies (formerly LEWA-Nikkiso), including MCSGP (Multi-column Counter-current Solvent Gradient Purification).

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