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Actus Columns with Axial Compression Technology

YMC-Actus High Throughput Extended Life Semi Prep Columns

Based on YMC’s extensive experience with Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) columns, YMC Actus columns offer outstanding durability under high throughput conditions. Actus columns are ideal for milligram scale preparative HPLC.

YMC Actus columns apply Axial Compression Technology to semi-prep scale columns (20 mm and 30 mm i.d.). The column bed is compressed effectively by utilizing the end fitting assembly specifically designed for YMC-Actus.

  • Improved bed uniformity (10% higher than conventional columns)
  • Reduced occurrence of voids
  • Longer overall column lifetime
  • Improved resolution and efficiency

Download a copy of the YMC-Actus datasheet, containing ordering information for Actus columns and guard columns.

Axial Compression Technology

Axial compression is applied when the end assembly is attached and tightened. Actus columns exhibit a 10% improvement in bed density compared to conventional semi-prep columns. The improved bed density also minimizes the occurrence of voids, which are common with conventional columns, and worsen over column life time.

Axial Compression Technology

Column Durability

To stress the column, a water/methanol gradient was looped. At an interval of 100 cycles, the column was tested using naphthalene. The stability of the efficiency of the YMC-Actus column outperformed other columns tested.

Actus Column Durability

In another test, a fast gradient was cycled, and a separation of drug products in DNSO was analyzed. After 1000 injections, the retention times and peak shapes are fundamentally unchanged.

Actus DMSO analysis

Column: YMC-Actus Pro C18 RS (5 µm, 80 Å)
50 x 20 mm i.d.
Eluent: A) water/RFA (100/0.1)
B) acetonitrile/TFA (100/0.1)
10-90% B (0-3 min), 90%B (3-5 min), 10% B (5-10 min)
Flow rate: 20 ml/min
Temperature: ambient
Detection: UV at 270 nm
Injection: 100 µl (0.2-2 mg/ml in DMSO)



YMC-Actus is desirable for Laboratory scale preparative HPLC in R&D, etc.


Guard Columns for Actus

For any milligram scale preparative columns having an inner diameter of 20 or 30 mm, the YMC cartridge-based guard column system is ideal. This guard column system – consisting of a holder and easily-replaceable column cartridges – is ideal for use with Actus columns.

  • Cartridges are easily installed
  • Compatible with YMC Actus, YMC packed columns, or any suitable packed column.
  • 10 mm bed length Guard Column Cartridges are an inexpensive way to protect prep columns.

Guard Columns for Actus

Types and characteristics of packing materials for YMC-Actus series


Packing Materials Pore Size
Particle Size
C% Usable pH Range Characteristics
Triart series Hybrid Silica C18 120 5 20 1.0-12.0 Versatile hybrid silica based ODS packing material
Great chemical durability
Excellent resolution in a variety of conditions
Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase
C8 120 5 17 1.0-12.0 Outstanding chemical durability due to hybrid silica based packing material
Less hydrophobic than C18
Phenyl 120 5 17 1.0-10.0 Suitable for aromatic compounds
PFP (pentafluorophenyl) 120 5 15 1.0-8.0 Suitable for structural isomers
Pro series Pro C18 120 5 16 2.0-8.0 High performance ODS packing material
Hydrosphere C18 120 5 12 2.0-8.0 Superior separation for hydrophilic compounds
Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase
Pro C18 RS 80 5 22 1.0-10.0 High carbon ODS packing material, high durability
Pro C8 120 5 10 2.0-7.5 High performance silica-based C8 packing material
YMC-Pack series ODS-A 120 5 17 2.0-7.5 Standard ODS from analytical to preparative
ODS-AQ 120 5 14 2.0-7.5 Great separation for hydrophilic compounds
YMC*Gel HG series*
High Strength Silica
ODS-A 120 10 17 2.0-7.5 High performance ODS packing material
ODS-AQ 120 10 15 2.0-7.5 ODS for aqueous eluents
C8 120 10 10 2.0-7.5 High performance silic-based C8 packing material, less hydrophobic than C18
C4 120 10 7 2.0-7.5 Less hydrophobic than C8
TMS 120 10 4 2.0-7.5 Trimethylsilane
Phenyl 120 10 9 2.0-7.5 Suitable for aromatic compounds
Amino (NH2) 120 10 3 2.0-7.5 For normal phase, HILIC
Cyano (CN) 120 10 7 2.0-7.5 For normal phase, reversed phase, HILIC
Diol 120 10 2.0-7.5 For normal phase, HILIC
Silica (SIL) 120 10 High purity silica for normal phase, HLIC

* Note:
HG series materials are also available in 200 Å and 300 Å pore sizes. Please inquire.

Special Note:
All materials listed here are available in other particle sizes and some also in other pores sizes. Please inquire.

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