Biosynthesis Systems

Biosynthesis systems are integral to our customers in the fast-growing field of therapeutic compounds such as peptides and oligonucleotides. Biosynthesis systems build, through a physical synthesis process, portions of RNA or DNA molecules (oligonucleotides).

Leveraging decades of experience in blending, precision metering, automation, and GMP equipment manufacture, YMC partners with each oligo customer to design a system specific to their mission. The construction of these intermediate-length molecules using amino acids (reagents) that are sequenced into a larger molecular construct (oligonucleotide) demand a design consisting of precision pumps and valves in an inert gas environment.

YMC is long experienced in the production of such custom bio-systems using proprietary controls to maintain the precise sequence and monitor the process compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. YMC is available to accommodate third-party automation or bring our automation platform experts to the project.

We have supplied custom biosynthesis systems to the world’s largest oligonucleotide companies. With YMC’s engineering and controls expertise in the field of GMP-compliant processes, each user is assured of getting a system engineered to their proprietary process. These systems are complemented by YMC’s array of HPLC, cleavage and deprotection systems, and tangential flow filtration (TFF/UF) units that serve to purify the solutions produced with YMC engineered biosynthesis systems.

As these designs are typically proprietary and customized to each use, those interested in more information on YMC’s biosynthesis can contact YMC at for a conversation with one of our engineers.


Examples of some of our custom systems

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