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Ion exchange (IEX) chromatography is based on the principle of the separation of molecules on the basis of their charge. IEX technique leverages the interaction between charged molecules in the feedstock (or mobile phase) and oppositely charged sites on the stationary phase (or chromatography resin). IEX is a technique that is frequently used in (charged) biomolecule purification.

Cation exchange and anion exchange are two types of ion exchange separation. In anion exchange, the stationary phase is positively charged, while in cation exchange, it is negatively charged.

The molecules separated on the basis of their charge are eluted using a buffer solution with varying ionic strength. By flowing buffer over the resin, a selective separation of molecules according to their different charges takes place.

For most therapeutic proteins, YMC offers an IEX pre-packed column or bulk resin that provides the user with exceptional performance vs. conventional IEX media. The combination of YMC LPLC systems and IEX bulk resin provides a complete, high-performance Ion Exchange solution for modern biopharmaceuticals.

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