Caustic Dilution

Reduce cost and improve flexibility

Sodium hydroxide is a widely accepted cleaning and sanitizing agent for bioprocessing equipment and chromatography media. It is also used for pH adjustment in many processes. Sodium hydroxide is not only very effective but is also affordable and easy to detect using pH and conductivity measurements to ensure it has been removed. Dilute caustic solutions are recommended as short-term equipment storage solutions to prevent bacterial growth.

YMC’s Caustic Dilution systems are designed to perform highly controlled caustic dilution processes to generate ready-to-use solutions when needed, reducing tank requirements, lowering the cost associated with handling large volumes, and enhancing scheduling flexibility.

Types of dilution systems

Best-in-class design

Our systems use proprietary digitally controlled metering pumps that deliver precise and accurate volumes across a wide range of solution densities, enabling dilution of concentrated caustic solutions. Systems also include sensors to monitor the dilution process and an optional heat exchanger and break tanks to manage excess heat. System software and automation enable the user to configure and run recipes that precisely prepare diluted, ready-to-use caustic solutions.

The YMC Caustic Dilution system:

  • Automatically prepares accurate and precise caustic solutions at point-of-use or central location
  • Enables dilution of up to 50% sodium hydroxide
  • Performs robust and simple dilution based on control with volumetric flow rate to ensure consistent composition
  • Features a fluidic design that facilitates mixing, reduces the time required to reach set points, and enables drainability
  • Includes user-adaptable, recipe-driven software with configurable, pre-programmed sequences that minimizes operator intervention

As with all YMC bio/pharmaceutical equipment, the Caustic Dilution system is designed to meet high-quality expectations. The system is manufactured using materials compatible with long-term caustic exposure. The design and construction of the equipment ensure a safe, ergonomic system suitable for use in GMP manufacturing environments.

YMC Caustic Dilution Delivers:

  • A small footprint with limited requirement for tanks
  • Reproducible and accurate caustic solutions with volumetric flow control
  • Less operator exposure to potential chemical hazards
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased process scheduling flexibility
  • Greater independence from supplier quantities
  • Reduced CIP volume and waste for leaner operation
  • Compatibility with single-use assemblies

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