HPLC Systems Multi-Column/Continuous

Multi-column systems—the future of purification

Allowing continuous processing of difficult to separate feed streams, YMC’s twin-column HPLC systems are the premier platform for the production of today’s therapeutics. The multi-column design allows the user to automatically reprocess leading and trailing peaks to increase yield and purity while drastically decreasing solvent usage. Another major benefit is in decreasing QA samples by up to tenfold.

YMC’s exclusive automated MCSGP process allows for 24/7 production with fewer resources. Available from benchtop to large-scale GMP production systems, these units are in use at some of the world’s largest oligo and peptide therapeutic manufacturers. Paired with columns and packing chemistries from YMC, these units are noted as “disruptive technology,” delivering unsurpassed gains in yield and productivity.

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