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Fee-Based Lab Services


Liquid Chromatography Laboratory Services

YMC America offers fee-based HPLC application and method development on a wide range of instrumentation including the following:

  • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC with PDA Detection
  • Waters AcQuity UPLC with PDA Detection
  • YMC LC-Forte/R semi-preparative LC (up to 50mL/min flowrate, UV and IR Detection)
  • Advion expression CMS (≤1200Da mass range)

We can customize methods to the analyte of interest and provide a robust method with your final goal(s) in mind:

  • Scale-down of analytical HPLC methods to UHPLC
  • Scale-up of analytical to preparative separations for purification
  • Column screening to find the best stationary phase match for your analysis
  • Rugged and robust LC method development for validation
  • Method troubleshooting and improvement

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