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Learn about Our New Ion-Exchange Oligonucleotide Applications

April 5, 2018

Here at YMC America, Inc., we are pleased to release a brand new set of ion-exchange oligonucleotide applications for use with our YMC-BioPro QA-F stationary phase:

If you are looking to buy analytical columns of any kind that are held to the highest standards in the industry, please contact our expert team at YMC America, Inc. Please continue reading below to learn more about these columns and application notes:


YMC-BioPro ion-exchange columns are based on hydrophilic polymer beads (methacrylate) that exhibit little-to-no hydrophobic secondary interactions typically seen with traditional styrene-based IEX phases.  BioPro columns feature excellent resolution, high-binding capacity, and increased recovery for a vast array of biomolecules while providing efficient analysis and preparative purification/polishing of antibodies and other types of biopharmaceutical proteins.

More of our BioPro products include:

  • YMC-BioPro QA-F/SP-F Non-Porous – for analytical separations
  • YMC-BioPro QA/SP Porous – for preparative purification and polishing
  • YMC-BioPro Ion-Exchange Screening Kits
    • Available in 1 mL or 5 mL

What are Oligonucleotides?

Oligonucleotides are short-strand molecules of both DNA and RNA, also known as oligomers, which boast a wide variety of uses when it comes to research, forensics, and genetic testing. Synthetic oligonucleotides are usually produced in a laboratory using solid-phase chemical synthesis. These small pieces of nucleic acids can be created as single-strand molecules with any specified sequence of the user’s choice. They are key for processes such as DNA sequencing and library construction, artificial gene synthesis, polymerase chain reaction, as well as molecular probes.

Where are They Found in Nature?

Oligonucleotides are naturally found as small RNA molecules that aid in the regulation of gene expression. They are also found when larger nucleic acid molecules break down, serving as degradation intermediates as a result.

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