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Reversed Phase Columns

reversed phase c18 columnsDetermined to maximize your productivity and flexibility in method development? YMC America’s reversed phase columns are available in a full line of chemistries to optimize separations and provide improved retention and reliable selectivity. Reversed phase columns are one of the most common modes in HPLC analysis. Please explore all of our different products listed below:


YMC Meteoric Core C18 and C8

Looking for a high resolution column with excellent peak shapes for basic and coordination compounds? With YMC Meteoric Core C18 and C8 columns, users enjoy easy method optimization, a wide usable pH range, and low column bleed; making it ideal for LC/MS.

YMC-Triart C18

Trying to find a column without the typical constraints of pH, temperature, or pressure? Rest assured YMC-Triart C18 has been recognized for its mechanical durability and ideal application at higher temperatures, elevated pressures, and over a wide pH range of 1 to 12.

YMC-Pack Pro C18

If you need a silica-based C18 column exhibiting high performance, reproducibility, and is specifically designed for the most demanding HPLC runs, Pro C18 will suit your needs. Pro C18 starts with a tightly controlled, highly purified silica gel, followed by high-coverage C18 bonding, and finished with an exclusive endcapping procedure using Lewis acid/Lewis base chemistry.

YMC-Pack Pro C18 RS

Pro C18 RS has high recognition of stereoselectivity due to high carbon, polymeric-type bonding. When chromatographers choose this type of column, they’ll be able to use it over a wide pH range (1-10) for roubust method development. Not only does it exhibit high durability, but also high reproducibility from batch-to-batch and column-to-column.

YMC-Triart C18

Looking for a C18 column that’s known for its mechanical and chemical durability? The incredible strength of the YMC-Triart hybrid particle makes it an ideal material for use at the higher pressures associated with UHPLC.

YMC-Triart C18 ExRS

Need a reversed phase column that’s ideal for both HPLC and UHPLC? With the same chemical and mechanical durability common to all of the YMC-Triart stationary phases, Triart C18 ExRS provides chromatographers with additional flexibility in selecting separation conditions during method development.

YMC-Pack Polymer C18

Looking for a column designed to be used for analyzing compounds such as organic acids, organic amines, peptides, pharmaceuticals and proteins? YMC-Pack Polymer C18 is a pure organic stationary phase based on a hydrophilic support, yet offering selectivity that is more similar to that of silica-based C18 rather than styrene/DVB-based phases.

YMC-UltraHT Series

Searching for a product specifically designed for high-speed and high-throughput analysis but don’t have an UHPLC system? Both the Pro C18 (our standard ODS) and Hydrosphere C18 (for hydrophilic compounds) UltraHT products offer superior resolution at higher flowrates thanks its 2µm particle size. These columns are specifically designed to deliver UHPLC performance on standard HPLC systems given dead volume is kept to a minimum.

Hydrosphere C18

With minimal metal content and extremely low amounts of residual silanols, Hydrosphere C18 is the ideal phase for analysis of basic pharmaceuticals and chelating compounds under LC-MS conditions (e.g. separation in non-phosphate buffered systems). The versatility of these products allows them to be used for a wide range of analytes thanks to the use of polar endcapping.


Need a reversed phase C18 column known for its high performance and uncommon reproducibility? Rest assured YMC-Pack ODS-A delivers optimal selectivity for the separation of a wide range of organic compounds common in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries. Additionally, ODS-A columns have been praised for their high efficiency, selectivity, and long lifetimes.


ODS-AM columns have extremely tight specification criteria which provides extreme reliability and increasingly reproducible separations. These columns exhibit excellent peak shape due to there being virtually no residual silanol activity.


If you need a product well suited for the analysis and purification of peptides and other biomolecules, ODS-AQ is appropriate for all types of peptide analysis, no matter the size of the molecule. Moreover, it’s recommended for analysis of highly polar compounds and often eliminates the need for ion-pairing reagents.


Looking for a non-endcapped, high carbon load, monomerically-bonded C18 phase? The ODS-AL reversed phase columns are designed for use only in those situations where residual silanol activity is beneficial to the separation. This product possesses residual silanols for mixed-mode separations and consists of a unique selectivity for polar compounds.

J’sphere ODS-H80, M80, L80

If you need a column with high chromatographic efficiency and very high surface area, offering exceptional peak symmetry, YMC J’sphere will suit your needs. J’sphere H80, M80 and L80 columns have been shown to provide chromatographers with a range of retention based on their differing carbon loads, as well as highly efficient separations due to their 4um particle size.

To learn more about these products or any of our other reversed phase columns available at YMC America, visit any of their individual pages or simply contact us to speak with a professional. As the leading provider for all things relating to liquid chromatography, you can count on our professionals to offer products designed to meet your most demanding applications. In addition, we stay up-to-date with industry news to ensure we provide our customers with only the best products and services, every time!

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