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YMC America recently hosted colleagues from Japan for a two-week training on YMC’s patented process scale Contichrom TWIN MCSGP technology to support the growing demand in Asia.  We may live on different continents, but we are one YMC family!

Captured in the picture from left to right:
Front row: Naoko Ushimaru-Aslop, Translator; Hoshino Tetsuro, Software Development; Ebi Takahiro, Continuous Chromatography & Lab Services
2nd row: Mario Lopez, Engineering Manager; Haibo Mao, Automation & R&D Manager; Mark Dyment, President & CEO; Shoda Munehiro, Process Development; Yano Tomohiro, System Development
Back row: Kofi Hanson, Sr. Automation Engineer; Dave Brush, Sr. Process Engineer; Emmett Bishop, Automation Engineer
Missing: Igawa Hideto, Key Account Sales; Takimoto Kiyotaka, Business Development; J Preston, Director of Separation Sciences

YMC strives to provide high quality products and support to all of our customers around the world.  The training completed by our colleagues will ensure that every system like the one shown below can be supported with YMC care and expertise.  This custom-designed Contichrom TWIN 500 MCSGP HPLC recently left our production facility in Devens, MA, USA, headed for its new home!

Posted on February 16, 2023.

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