YMC ECOPlus Glass Columns

Glass Columns for Higher Pressure Applications

ECOPLUS glass columns are multi-purpose columns for almost all types of liquid chromatography applications (pressure limit 30 – 80bar). They are available in two forms: AB (aqueous buffer) for aqueous buffer and cold room applications and SR (solvent resistant) for normal- and reversed-phase chromatography.  Adjustable length plungers at both ends and a totally inert triple chevron sealing system (SR versions) support the complete spectrum of applications from classical normal-phase and reversed-phase chromatography right through to biochromatography.   The Quick-Lock connection system makes it possible to open and seal the column simply and quickly.


ECOPlus Glass Columns: Features & Benefits

Version Temperature Range (°C) Plunger Seal Frit
(Aqueous Buffer)
4-40 Polyethylene O-ring, EDPM
(ethylene polymer elastomer)
Column ID 5 – 50 mm:
Polyethylene (5 or 10 µm)
(Solvent Resistant)
16-40 PTFE PTFE Triple chevron Column ID  5 – 15mm:
sintered glass (2 or 10 µm)
Column ID 25 – 50mm:
stainless steel (2 or 10 µm)
Pressure limit: 30 – 80 bar
Wetted parts: borosilicate glass AB-Version: Polyethylene and EPDM SR-Version: PTFE and sintered glass or stainless steel
Inner Diameter: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm
Bed Length: 125mm, 250mm, 500mm *additional lengths are available by request
Connections: ¼” – 28G fittings (four for 1/16″ and four for 1/8″ capillaries). The column is supplied with two M6 adaptors to allow direct connection to any LC-system.
Height adjustment: Multi-variable plunger at each end, each providing approximately 60mm bed height adjustment with Quick-Lock bayonet system (long plunger option approximately 120mm bed adjustment)


  • Biocompatible
  • Solvent resistant and aqueous buffer versions available
  • Easy to use
  • Low temperature version available with polyethylene plunger and EPDM sealing ring
  • Height adjustable plungers at both ends
  • Compatible with any LC system
  • Universal application

AB Product List

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