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High Performance Chiral Columns for Enantiomer Separation

On SUMICHIRAL OA columns, direct separation of various enantiomers can be realized effectively and efficiently. Enantiomeric separation is achieved via the various diastereomeric interactions such as hydrogen bonding, charge transfer, and host-guest interactions. SUMICHIRAL OA columns are useful for accurate determination of optical purity and prep chromatography of pure enantiomers for biologically active compounds such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and perfumes.


SUMICHIRAL OA: Features & Benefits

Starndard Type Inverted Type Mode**
OA-2000 (R)-phenylglycine OA-2000S NP
OA-2500* (R)-1-naphthylglycine OA-2500S RP
OA-3100 (S)-valine OA-3100R NP, RP
OA-3200 (S)-tert-leucine OA-3200R NP, RP
OA-3300* (R)-phenylglycine OA-3300R NP, RP
OA-4000 (S)-valine (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4000R NP
OA-4100 (S)-valine (R)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4100R NP
OA-4400 (S)-proline (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4400R NP
OA-4500 (S)-proline (R)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4500R NP
OA-4600 (S)-tert-leucine (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4600R NP
OA-4700* (S)-tert-leucine (R)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-4700R NP
OA-4800 (S)-indoline-2-carboxylic acid (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine ~ NP
OA-4900* (S)-indoline-2-carboxylic acid (R)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine ~ NP
OA-5000* (D)-penicillamine OA-5000L RP
OA-6000 (L)-tartaric acid (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-6000L RP
OA-6100 (L)-tartaric acid, (S)-valine (S)-1-(a-naphthyl)ethylamine OA-6100L RP
OA-7000* ß-cyclodextrin with novel spacer ~ RP
OA-8000* chiral pseudo 18-crown-6 ether ~ NP, RP
* Most popular phases
**NP: normal-phase mode; RP: reversed-phase mode
~ Enantiomeric stationary phases (inverted types) are available with the exception of OA-4800, 4900, 7000 and 8000. On these phases, the elution order of enantiomer is inverted.
Standard column dimensions:
Guard Column 4.0 x 10mm, 8.0 x 50mm
Analytical Column 4.6 x 250mm
4.6 x 150 mm is also available for OA-8000
4.6 x 150 mm (for OA-5000, 6000, 6100)
4.6 x 50 mm is also available for OA-5000
Preparative Column 8.0 x 250 mm, 10 x 250 mm, 20 x 250 mm
  • Available in Improved Pirkle Type, Ligand Exchange Type, and Host-guest Type
  • High theoretical plate count equates to high resolution
  • Increased chemical stability offering long column lifetime
  • Enantiomeric stationary phases give inverse elution orders, resulting in accurate determination of optical purity and efficient preparative chromatography of enantiomers

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OA2000 - 2500

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OA3100 - 3300

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OA4000 - 4900

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OA6000 - 6100

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