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SUMICHIRAL OA Analytical Guard Columns

High Performance Chiral Columns for Enantiomer Separation
On SUMICHIRAL OA columns, direct separation of various enantiomers can be realized effectively and efficiently. Enantiomeric separation is achieved via the various diastereomeric interactions such as hydrogen bonding, charge transfer, and host-guest interactions. SUMICHIRAL OA columns are useful for accurate determination of optical purity and prep chromatography of pure enantiomers for biologically active compounds such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and perfumes.


Analytical Guard Columns: Features & Benefits

OA_analytical_Guard_columnsYMC’s Guard Columns for SUMICHIRAL are available in a 4.0mm diameter and 10mm length.

Sumichiral guard columns require the use of a holder, P/N: YGUACC001.











Product List

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OA2000 - 3300

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OA4000 - 4900

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OA5000 - 7000

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