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Analytical: YMC Chiral NEA (R) and (S) Series

Chiral Polymer-bonded Silica Gel for Optical Isomer Separations

YMC Chiral NEA (R) and (S) are chiral polymer-bonded silica gel for optical isomer separation.  Chiral discrimination is based on the higher-order structure of chiral macromolecules, which includes hydrogen bonding, p-p interaction, hydrophobic interaction, etc.  YMC Chiral NEA stationary phases exhibit excellent durability and are cost effective chiral solutions.


Features & Benefits

Base Material: Porous Silica
Particle Size: 10mm, 20mm, 50mm
Pore Size: 300Å
pH Range: 2.0-7.0
  • Synthesized macromolecule-type chiral column
  • Elution order can be reversed by selecting (R) or (S)
  • Can be used in both normal-phase and reversed-phase
  • Available in bulk material for preparative scale-up



ymc-chiral-nea-r-and-s-series-graph-1 ymc-chiral-nea-r-and-s-series-graph-2 ymc-chiral-nea-r-and-s-series-graph-3

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