YMC Contichrom TWIN Systems

GMP Skids for HPLC and LPLC

Contichrom® TWIN systems are premium quality GMP skids designed to run MCSGP or CaptureSMB continuous processes.  These systems have the flexibility to also run single column batch, 2-step integrated batch (sequential polishing with in-line dilution), and alternating batch processes. Contichrom® TWIN systems are available as LPLC or HPLC versions depending on the mode of operation or application.

  • The Contichrom® TWIN LPLC systems are enabled with CaptureSMB and AutomAb® dynamic process control for robust continuous operation.
  • The Contichrom® TWIN HPLC systems are enabled with MCSGP and AutoPeak® dynamic process control for robust continuous operation. Standard units operate at pressures up to 80 bar. The units can operate in environments classified for solvent use.

Scale-up with YMC’s Contichrom TWIN GMP-grade Skids

  • Customizable GMP-grade skids based on standard Contichrom TWIN platform
  • Pilot to process scale
  • Flexible twin-column setup for batch and continuous chromatography
  • Uses the Contichrom CUBE chromatography system for easy process development
  • Best available hygienic pump technology
  • Worldwide affiliates and support

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YMC Contichrom TWIN CaptureSMB LPLC

Multi-functional, twin-column chromatography in a simple, robust design

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YMC Contichrom® TWIN for Peptides & Oligonucleotides

No more compromise – attain both yield and purity

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Application Notes:

CaptureSMB for the continuous purification of mAbs with high productivity and load

AutomAb: UV-based Dynamic Process Control for CaptureSMB

Application Note:

Purification of a Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Using Twin-Column Chromatography (MCSGP)