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YMC-Pack Diol-NP Analytical Guard Columns

Different Separation Characteristics from Bare Silica Gel

YMC-Pack Diol-NP shows typical normal-phase retention behavior when used with low-polarity mobile phases due to hydroxyl groups on the surface of the stationary phase acting as polar groups.  Diol-NP is as widely applicable to normal-phase separations as standard silica gel, but is useful in cases where separation optimization is difficult to achieve with silica.  In addition, it can also be used in HILIC-mode with organic/water mobile phases.


analytical-guard-columnsAnalytical Guard Cartridges: Features & Benefits

YMC’s Guard Column Cartridge Systems for HPLC accept cartridges of 1.0, 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0mm inner diameters – in either 10mm or 20mm lengths.  Cartridges are available with a comprehensive selection including all stationary phase chemistries offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the analytical column.  Assembly is tool-free, simplifying cartridge replacement.

YMC Guard Column Cartridges require the use of a holder, P/N: XPGCHP1 for 10mm length and P/N: XPGCHP2 for 20mm length.

Product List

Product Table


Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Guards per Pack Part Number Requires Holder PriceQuantity
5µm60Å 2.1 10 5 DN06S05-01Q1GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm60Å 3.0 10 5 DN06S05-0103GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm60Å 4.010 5 DN06S05-0104GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm60Å 2.1 205 DN06S05-02Q1GC XPGCHP2 $596.00
5µm60Å 3.0 205 DN06S05-0203GC XPGCHP2 $596.00
5µm60Å 4.0 205 DN06S05-0204GC XPGCHP2 $596.00
5µm 120Å 2.1 10 5 DN12S05-01Q1GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm 120Å 3.0 10 5 DN12S05-0103GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm 120Å 4.010 5 DN12S05-0104GC XPGCHP1 $487.00
5µm 120Å 2.1 205 DN12S05-02Q1GC XPGCHP2 $596.00
5µm 120Å 3.0 205 DN12S05-0203GC XPGCHP2 $596.00
5µm 120Å 4.0 205 DN12S05-0204GC XPGCHP2 $596.00


Sold Individually

Guard ID (mm) Guard Length (mm) Description Part Number PriceQuantity
1.0 - 4.010 HPLC Guard Cartridge HolderXPGCHP1 $229.00
1.0 - 4.0 20 HPLC Guard Cartridge Holder XPGCHP2 $229.00

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