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YMC Hydrosphere C18 Semi-Prep Guard Columns

Ultra-pure Silica-based C18

The YMC Pro Family is based on a silica with an extremely low metal content.  Low metal content suppresses polar interactions, as metal impurities cause silanol groups to become more acidic.  This ensures YMC Pro Family phases provide excellent resolution for a wide range of compounds, especially basic pharmaceuticals.  To minimize the unwanted interactions between residual silanols and the sample molecules that are responsible for asymmetric peaks, YMC utilizes a proprietary, highly effective endcapping process.   Important for every chromatographer: YMC ensures that the physical properties, such as particle size, pore size, and metal content, are extremely reproducible from lot to lot.


Guard Cartridges

Semi-Prep Guard Cartridges: Features & Benefits

YMC’s Guard Column Cartridge Systems for Semi-Prep HPLC utilize cartridges of 10, 20, or 30mm inner diameters – in 10mm lengths.  Cartridges are available with a comprehensive selection including all stationary phase chemistries offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the analytical column (including columns by other manufacturers).  Assembly is tool-free, simplifying cartridge replacement.

YMC Guard Column Cartridges require the use of a holder, P/N: XPCHSPW1 for 10mm I.D., P/N: XPCHSPW2 for 20mm I.D. and P/N: XPCHSPW3 for 30mm I.D.

Product List

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Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number Guards Per Pack Holder Required PriceQuantity
5µm120Å10.0 10HS12S05-0110CC 2XPCHSPW1 $266.00
5µm120Å 20.0 10 HS12S05-0120CC 2 XPCHSPW2 $659.00
5µm120Å 30.010 HS12S05-0130CC2 XPCHSPW3 $824.00


Sold Individually

Guard I.D. (mm) Guard Length (mm) Description Part Number PriceQuantity
10.0 10SemiPrep Guard Cartridge HolderXPCHSPW1 $424.00
20.0 10SemiPrep Guard Cartridge Holder XPCHSPW2 $424.00
30.010SemiPrep Guard Cartridge Holder XPCHSPW3 $637.00

Guard Columns

Semi-Prep Guard Columns: Features & Benefits

YMC’s semi-preparative & preparative Guard Columns for HPLC are available in 10mm diameter with 30mm length as well as 20mm, 30mm, and 50mm diameters with 50mm lengths.  These guard columns are available with a comprehensive stationary phase selection offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the semi-preparative or preparative column.  Unlike our guard cartridge columns, these guard columns do not require a holder.

Product List

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number PriceQuantity
5µm120Å10.0 30 HS12S05-0310WTG $677.00
5µm120Å 20.0 50 HS12S05-0520WTG $1,251.00

(No holder required)

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