YMC Meteoric Core C18 BIO

Meteoric Core C18, C18 BIO, and C8

YMC Meteoric Core core-shell columns can be used over a wide pH range, providing excellent peak shape for basic and coordination compounds compared to conventional columns.  Meteoric Core can also shorten analysis times by two thirds when compared to conventional fully-porous materials with the same column dimensions run under the same method conditions.  Theoretical plate count is maintained at 2X faster flow rate for Meteoric Core columns compared to fully-porous columns, while resolution is maintained at an operating pressure below 5,000psi.  These characteristics enable smooth method development and make Meteoric Core ideal for ultra-fast and high resolution analyses on both HPLC and UHPLC systems.


YMC Meteoric Core C18 BIO: Features & Benefits

Base Particle: Core-shell type silica gel
Particle Size: 2.7µm
Pore Size: 160Å
Specific surface area (m2/g): 90
Bonding: Trifunctional
Carbon Content (%): 5
Endcapping: Yes
pH Range: 1.5-10
USP Classification: L1
  • Easy method optimization
  • Ultra fast separation and outstanding resolution
  • Excellent peak shape on basic and coordination compounds
  • Wide usable pH range
  • Low column bleed – ideal for LC/MS
  • 160Å pore size for large molecule analysis
  • Ideal peptide mapping and n-terminal sequencing column



core-c18bio core-c18bio2

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Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column ID (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number Price Quantity
2.7µm 160Å 2.1 30 CAW16SQ7-03Q1PT $748.00
2.7µm 160Å 2.1 50 CAW16SQ7-05Q1PT $771.00
2.7µm 160Å 2.1 75 CAW16SQ7-L5Q1PT $795.00
2.7µm 160Å 2.1 100 CAW16SQ7-10Q1PT $820.00
2.7µm 160Å 2.1 150 CAW16SQ7-15Q1PT $916.00
2.7µm 160Å 3.0 30 CAW16SQ7-0303PT $748.00
2.7µm 160Å 3.0 50 CAW16SQ7-0503PT $771.00
2.7µm 160Å 3.0 75 CAW16SQ7-L503PT $820.00
2.7µm 160Å 3.0 100 CAW16SQ7-1003PT $868.00
2.7µm 160Å 3.0 150 CAW16SQ7-1503PT $965.00
2.7µm 160Å 4.6 30 CAW16SQ7-0346PT $748.00
2.7µm 160Å 4.6 50 CAW16SQ7-0546PT $771.00
2.7µm 160Å 4.6 75 CAW16SQ7-L546PT $820.00
2.7µm 160Å 4.6 100 CAW16SQ7-1046PT $868.00
2.7µm 160Å 4.6 150 CAW16SQ7-1546PT $965.00