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YMC-Pack C4 (Butyl) Capillary Guard Columns

Separate Mixed-Polarity Samples Quickly

YMC-Pack C4 (Butyl) columns are less hydrophobic than C8 or C18 packings and generally utilize more aqueous eluents than either of these reversed-phase column types.  When compared to C8 and C18 columns (using the same eluents), C4 stationary phases show significantly shorter retention for non-polar compounds.  Retention of polar compounds, however, is not significantly affected.  Therefore, mixtures with a wide range of component polarity are best analyzed by YMC-Pack C4.  This is due to the C4 bonded phase exhibiting shorter analysis time while still maintaining high resolution when compared to longer-chain bonded chemistries.


Capillary Guard Columns: Features & Benefitsymca_3

Guard columns are recommended for challenging matrices or for use as trapping columns.  YMC capillary guard columns are connected directly to the analytical column using the supplied column coupler.

A column coupler is supplied with every pack of YMC capillary guard cartridges to guarantee an optimum connection with low dead volume.  A polymer-based (PCTFE) coupler is provided for 1/16” columns, while a stainless steel coupler is provided for 1/32” columns.  Additional couplers can be purchased separately if required.



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