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YMC-Pack C8 (Octyl) Analytical Guard Columns

Monomerically Bonded, Fully Endcapped C8

C8 is the most commonly used column type following C18.  YMC-Pack C8 columns are prepared using exhaustive bonding of a monomeric octylsilane to totally porous and spherical silica gels.  The functionalized silica is then treated with an endcapping process which produces a moderate 10% carbon loading on the standard 120Å pore material.

Broad Application Range

C8 columns are well-suited for the separation of many compounds which are too strongly retained on C18 phases or require greater retention than C4.  It is the most versatile reversed-phase column and should be considered a first choice when outfitting a new laboratory.

Guard Cartridges

Analytical Guard Cartridges: Features & Benefits

YMC’s Guard Column Cartridge Systems for HPLC accept cartridges of 1.0, 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0mm inner diameters – in either 10mm or 20mm lengths.  Cartridges are available with a comprehensive selection including all stationary phase chemistries offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the analytical column.  Assembly is tool-free, simplifying cartridge replacement.

YMC Guard Column Cartridges require the use of a holder, P/N: XPGCHP1 for 10mm length and P/N: XPGCHP2 for 20mm length.

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Guard Columns

Analytical Guard Columns: Features & Benefits

YMC’s Guard Columns for HPLC are available in 4.0mm and 5.0mm diameters and come in 10mm lengths.  These guard columns are available with a comprehensive stationary phase selection offered by YMC, ensuring compatibility between the guard column and the analytical column.  Unlike our guard cartridge columns, these guard columns do not require a holder, but do require a small jumper made from either stainless steel or PEEK tubing in order to connect them to the inlet of the analytical column.

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