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SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Pack Diol-NP

Different Separation Characteristics from Bare Silica Gel

YMC-Pack Diol-NP shows typical normal-phase retention behavior when used with low-polarity mobile phases due to hydroxyl groups on the surface of the stationary phase acting as polar groups.  Diol-NP is as widely applicable to normal-phase separations as standard silica gel, but is useful in cases where separation optimization is difficult to achieve with silica.  In addition, it can also be used in HILIC-mode with organic/water mobile phases.


YMC-Pack Diol-NP: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Silica
Stationary Phase: Dihydroxypropyl (USP L20)
Particle Size: 5µm
Pore Size: 60Å, 120Å
Bonding: Monomeric
pH Range: 2-7.5

A Normal-Phase Alternative to Silica

YMC-Pack Diol-NP stationary phase is a versatile alternative to silica for normal-phase separations.  The bonded layer’s hydroxyl groups provide good selectivity without excessive retention, since hydrogen bonding with the Diol-NP layer is not as strong as with silanols on a bare silica surface.  Diol-NP columns also provide much better reproducibility when compared to bare silica material.

  • Improved peak shape versus bare silica
  • Good selectivity without excessive retention
  • High product recovery
  • Excellent bonded-phase reproducibility
  • Long column lifetime
  • High loading with prep material

Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number PriceQuantity
5µm60Å 10.0 250DN06S05-2510WT $1,793.00
5µm60Å 20.0 150 DN06S05-1520WT $3,668.00
5µm60Å 20.0 250 DN06S05-2520WT $4,664.00
5µm60Å 30.0 250 DN06S05-2530WT $13,225.00
5µm 120Å10.0 250 DN12S05-2510WT $1,707.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 150 DN12S05-1520WT $3,668.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 250 DN12S05-2520WT $4,664.00
5µm 120Å 30.0 250 DN12S05-2530WT $13,225.00

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