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YMC-Pack ODS-AQ Capillary Guard Columns

Useful for Separations Using High Aqueous Mobile Phases

YMC-Pack ODS-AQ is a unique reversed-phase material with both a hydrophobic high carbon loading and a relatively hydrophilic surface.  Because of the hydrophilic surface, ODS-AQ can be “wetted” with polar eluents.  ODS-AQ provides chromatographers reproducible retention and excellent peak shape in highly aqueous mobile phases, even 100% water.  A condition that is often difficult to use with conventional ODS packings.

Strong Retention for Polar Compounds

In highly aqueous mobile phases, ODS-AQ gives longer retention than conventional ODS packings. This is due to the C18 ligands on ODS-AQ actually being lifted from the surface by the action of the eluents penetrating the silica pores.


Capillary Guard Columns: Features & Benefitsymca_3

Guard columns are recommended for challenging matrices or for use as trapping columns.  YMC capillary guard columns are connected directly to the analytical column using the supplied column coupler.

A column coupler is supplied with every pack of YMC capillary guard cartridges to guarantee an optimum connection with low dead volume.  A polymer-based (PCTFE) coupler is provided for 1/16” columns, while a stainless steel coupler is provided for 1/32” columns.  Additional couplers can be purchased separately if required.



Product List

Product Table


Particle Size Pore Size Column ID (mm) Column Length (mm) Connection (inches) Part Number Quantity Per Pack PriceQuantity
3µm120Å 0.30 51/16" AQ12S03-E5H0AU 3 $573.00
3µm120Å 0.30 5 1/32" AQ12S03-E5H0RU 3 $573.00
3µm120Å 0.5051/16" AQ12S03-E5J0AU 3 $573.00
3µm120Å 0.505 1/32" AQ12S03-E5J0RU 3 $573.00
3µm 200Å0.30 51/16" AQ20S03-E5H0AU 3 $573.00
3µm 200Å0.30 5 1/32" AQ20S03-E5H0RU 3 $573.00
3µm 200Å 0.5051/16" AQ20S03-E5J0AU 3 $573.00
3µm 200Å 0.505 1/32" AQ20S03-E5J0RU3 $573.00


Particle Size Pore Size Column ID (mm) Column Length (mm) Connection (inches) Part Number Quantity Per Pack PriceQuantity
5µm120Å 0.30 51/16" AQ12S05-E5H0AU 3 $573.00
5µm120Å 0.30 5 1/32" AQ12S05-E5H0RU 3 $573.00
5µm120Å 0.5051/16" AQ12S05-E5J0AU 3 $573.00
5µm120Å 0.505 1/32" AQ12S05-E5J0RU 3 $573.00
5µm 200Å0.30 51/16" AQ20S05-E5H0AU 3 $573.00
5µm 200Å0.30 5 1/32" AQ20S05-E5H0RU 3 $573.00
5µm 200Å 0.5051/16" AQ20S05-E5J0AU 3 $573.00
5µm 200Å 0.505 1/32" AQ20S05-E5J0RU3 $573.00

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