YMC-Pack Polyamine II

Amino Column with Improved Durability

YMC-Pack Polyamine II is a silica-based, normal-phase stationary phase bonded with polyamine that is particularly useful for the separation of sugars.  The column lifetime in aqueous mobile phases is longer than conventional silica-based amino columns and is therefore applicable for the separation of oligosaccharides using high-aqueous mobile phases.  In addition, YMC-Pack Polyamine II can be used to separate ionic compounds with a combination of normal-phase and weak anion-exchange modes.


YMC-Pack Polyamine II: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Silica
Stationary Phase: Polyamine
Particle Size: 5µm
Pore Size: 120Å
Bonding: Monomeric
pH Range: 2.5-7.5

Mixed Secondary and Tertiary Derivative

YMC-Pack Polyamine II is a silica-based packing material bonded with polyamine.  It is particularly useful for the separation of sugars.

  • Silica gel chemically bonded to polyamine
  • The most suitable column for separation of sugars
  • Solves durability problems of conventional silica-based amino columns
  • Useful for separation of hydrophilic compounds, including vitamins
  • Useful for separation of fat-soluble compounds using non-aqueous mobile phases


Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number Price Quantity
5µm 120Å 10.0 250 PB12S05-2510WT $2,119.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 250 PB12S05-2520WT $5,300.00