YMC-Pack Polyamine II Capillary Guard Columns

Amino Column with Improved Durability

YMC-Pack Polyamine II is a silica-based, normal-phase stationary phase bonded with polyamine that is particularly useful for the separation of sugars.  The column lifetime in aqueous mobile phases is longer than conventional silica-based amino columns and is therefore applicable for the separation of oligosaccharides using high-aqueous mobile phases.  In addition, YMC-Pack Polyamine II can be used to separate ionic compounds with a combination of normal-phase and weak anion-exchange modes.


Capillary Guard Columns: Features & Benefitsymca_3

Guard columns are recommended for challenging matrices or for use as trapping columns.  YMC capillary guard columns are connected directly to the analytical column using the supplied column coupler.

A column coupler is supplied with every pack of YMC capillary guard cartridges to guarantee an optimum connection with low dead volume.  A polymer-based (PCTFE) coupler is provided for 1/16” columns, while a stainless steel coupler is provided for 1/32” columns.  Additional couplers can be purchased separately if required.



Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Connection (inches) Part Number Qty. per Pack Price Quantity
5 µm 120Å .30 5 1/16" PB12S05-E5H0AU 3 $713.00
5 µm 120Å .30 5 1/32" PB12S05-E5H0RU 3 $713.00
5 µm 120Å .50 5 1/16" PB12S05-E5J0AU 3 $713.00
5 µm 120Å .50 5 1/32" PB12S05-E5J0RU 3 $713.00