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YMC-Pack PVA-Sil Capillary Guard Columns

Normal-Phase Alternative to Silica

YMC-Pack PVA-Sil, which possesses a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) surface chemistry, is an excellent alternative to silica gel or other polar bonded phases which are used in normal-phase chromatography.  In many situations, it exhibits better performance characteristics with a unique selectivity, and can often resolve compounds that behave poorly on bare silica.  The alcohol functionality present on PVA-Sil is better suited for troublesome compounds, such as organic bases, that acidic silanols present in unbonded silica.  Since PVA-Sil is a bonded stationary phase, it can be washed with solvents of any polarity from hexane to water, without altering the surface activity.  Therefore; selectivity, retention, and resolution are reproducible regardless of the column’s previous history.  This is not true of bare silica, which easily becomes completely deactivated following the introduction of even a small quantity of water.


Capillary Guard Columns: Features & Benefitsymca_3

Guard columns are recommended for challenging matrices or for use as trapping columns.  YMC capillary guard columns are connected directly to the analytical column using the supplied column coupler.

A column coupler is supplied with every pack of YMC capillary guard cartridges to guarantee an optimum connection with low dead volume.  A polymer-based (PCTFE) coupler is provided for 1/16” columns, while a stainless steel coupler is provided for 1/32” columns.  Additional couplers can be purchased separately if required.



Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. (mm) Column Length (mm) Connection (inches) Part Number Qty. per Pack PriceQuantity
5 µm120Å.30 51/16" PV12S05-E5H0AU 3 $573.00
5 µm120Å.30 5 1/32" PV12S05-E5H0RU 3 $573.00
5 µm120Å .5051/16" PV12S05-E5J0AU 3 $573.00
5 µm120Å .505 1/32" PV12S05-E5J0RU3 $573.00

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