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SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC

Retention and Separation for Extremely Polar Compounds

Triart Diol-HILIC is a dihydroxypropane moiety bonded to an organic/inorganic hybrid based silica particle. The resulting product has excellent durability and usability across the wide pH range of pH 2-10. Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds which are not retained by reversed phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography

YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC Advantage

YMC-Triart Diol HILIC can retain extremely polar compounds while using eluents and buffers suitable for LC-MS.


YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Stationary Phase: Dihydroxypropyl (USP L20)
Particle Size: 5µm
Pore Size: 120Å,
Carbon Load 12%
Bonding: Polymeric
Endcapping: Non-endcapped
pH Range: 2-10
Temperature Range Up to 50⁰C
  • Dihydroxypropyl phase bonded to organic/inorganic hybrid silica particle
  • Ideal for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds that are not retained by reversed phase chromatography
  • Superior chemical durability
  • Identical selectivity over particle sizes
  • Ideal for semi-prep and preparative HPLC

YMC-Triart columns are well-suited to a variety of applications in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.

Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. Column Length (mm) Endfittings Part Number PriceQuantity
5µm120Å10.0 50 Standard Threaded TDH12S05-0510WT $761.00
5µm120Å10.0 100 Standard Threaded TDH12S05-1010WT $1,323.00
5µm120Å 20.0 50 Actus TDH12S05-0520WX $1,729.00
5µm120Å 20.0 100 Actus TDH12S05-1020WX $2,885.00
5µm120Å 20.0 150 Actus TDH12S05-1520WX $3,142.00
5µm120Å 20.0 250 Actus TDH12S05-2520WX $3,708.00
5µm120Å 30.0 50 Actus TDH12S05-0530WX $3,847.00
5µm120Å 30.0 100 Actus TDH12S05-1030WX $5,049.00
5µm120Å 30.0 150 Actus TDH12S05-1530WX $7,725.00
5µm120Å 30.0 250 Actus TDH12S05-2530WX $11,639.00
5µm120Å 50.050 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-0553DX $5,847.00
5µm120Å 50.0 100 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-1053DX $12,597.00
5µm120Å 50.0 150 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-1553DX $14,981.00
5µm120Å 50.0 250 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-2553DX $16,647.00

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