SemiPrep/Prep: YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC

Retention and Separation for Extremely Polar Compounds

Triart Diol-HILIC is a dihydroxypropane moiety bonded to an organic/inorganic hybrid based silica particle. The resulting product has excellent durability and usability across the wide pH range of pH 2-10. Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds which are not retained by reversed phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography

YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC Advantage

YMC-Triart Diol HILIC can retain extremely polar compounds while using eluents and buffers suitable for LC-MS.


YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Stationary Phase: Dihydroxypropyl (USP L20)
Particle Size: 5µm
Pore Size: 120Å,
Carbon Load 12%
Bonding: Polymeric
Endcapping: Non-endcapped
pH Range: 2-10
Temperature Range Up to 50⁰C
  • Dihydroxypropyl phase bonded to organic/inorganic hybrid silica particle
  • Ideal for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds that are not retained by reversed phase chromatography
  • Superior chemical durability
  • Identical selectivity over particle sizes
  • Ideal for semi-prep and preparative HPLC

YMC-Triart columns are well-suited to a variety of applications in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.

Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column I.D. Column Length (mm) Endfittings Part Number Price Quantity
5µm 120Å 10.0 50 Standard Threaded TDH12S05-0510WT $865.00
5µm 120Å 10.0 100 Standard Threaded TDH12S05-1010WT $1,504.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 50 Actus TDH12S05-0520WX $1,965.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 100 Actus TDH12S05-1020WX $3,278.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 150 Actus TDH12S05-1520WX $3,571.00
5µm 120Å 20.0 250 Actus TDH12S05-2520WX $4,214.00
5µm 120Å 30.0 50 Actus TDH12S05-0530WX $4,372.00
5µm 120Å 30.0 100 Actus TDH12S05-1030WX $5,738.00
5µm 120Å 30.0 150 Actus TDH12S05-1530WX $8,779.00
5µm 120Å 30.0 250 Actus TDH12S05-2530WX $13,227.00
5µm 120Å 50.0 50 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-0553DX $6,645.00
5µm 120Å 50.0 100 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-1053DX $14,316.00
5µm 120Å 50.0 150 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-1553DX $17,025.00
5µm 120Å 50.0 250 Actus, 3000psi TDH12S05-2553DX $18,918.00