About ChromaCon

ChromaCon AG, a YMC Group Company closely aligned with YMC America as their GMP scale up partner is a Life Science tool company with lab and offices in Zurich, Switzerland, developing and commercializing proprietary chromatographic process technology. ChromaCon was founded in 2006, established itself as leader in continuous chromatography, collaborating with YMC’s Process Technologies Group since 2013, for the production of GMP scale-up equipment. In 2019, YMC Co. Ltd. acquired ChromaCon.

Leaders in multi-column chromatography, ChromaCon has developed and patented novel process principles, process control and simulation software, equipment designs and operating software for batch, cyclic and continuous chromatography. For mAbs, recombinant proteins,  vaccines, oligos and peptides these process solutions result in significant cost reduction and / or productivity, yield and purity improvements which are scalable to GMP chromatographic solutions.

YMC’s ChromaCon group today offers YMC an integrated approach towards chromatographic process development and production systems and tools. With a founding vision to make chromatography simpler and more efficient and thus expand its range of application, they have achieved this through novel connected or continuous processes. They have developed a series of laboratory-scale FPLC and HPLC equipment for the purification of proteins and small molecules employing a range of connected and continuous processes (Contichrom CUBE) that are now distributed globally by YMC associated companies.

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