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DAC Columns

New Dynamic Axial Compression Column DAU Series

Notable features include:

  • Simple and easy packing and unpacking with inlet and outlet tubes
  • Optional resin slurry kettle
  • High-pressure rating (5Mpa to 10Mpa)
  • Consists of standard column dimensions ranging from 50 to 600mm ID
  • Custom column dimensions are available on request
  • Condensed design, mobile column stand
  • Variable column bed, up to 600mm
  • Appropriate for basically any type of packing material
  • Higher pressures are possible on a custom basis

dynamic axial compression columnsIf you’re looking to buy Dynamic Axial Compression Columns from YMC, you can choose from products that range from 7Mpa to 10Mpa, including the following models: DAU-500; DAU-300; DAU-200; and the DAU-50.

Packing Steps for a DAU Column

When customers buy Dynamic Axial Compression Columns from YMC, they enjoy an easy packing and unpacking process:

  1. Fill through the inlet tube using the slurry reservoir and slurry pump.
  2. Fill and pressurize the slurry and bed while allowing for the evacuation of the slurry solvent.
  3. The operation takes place as the solvent inlet rises through the column towards the solvent outlet.
  4. The column begins to unpack and depressurize with water going into the solvent outlet and the retrieved slurry emptying through the outlet tube.

Reproducibility of Repacking the Gel

Chromatograms and data of inspection

A repacking procedure was performed using a 50 mm I.D. DAU Column. After repacking the column a total of seven times, plates/m and Tf continue to be just as good as the initial state. When you buy Dynamic Axial Compression Columns from YMC, you will have confidence in receiving the highest quality of products, every time.

Mechanical Stability of the Gel

Column Pressure

  • Following seven repacking cycles, the column pressure is about the same as in the initial state; thus, no formation of fines can be observed.
  • This demonstrates the gel is fixed under the flow rate.
  • High mechanical stability directly correlates to longer lifetime of the packing material.

EluentL methanol/water (85/15) Flow rate 150 mL/min

Loadability (1)

Insulin (MW 5700) in preparative

  • Up to a 400 mg loaded amount; peak shapes are shown to be as sharp as the analytical separation.

Loadability (2)

Ovalbumin (MW 45000) in preparative

  • At all loading levels, high efficiency was successfully achieved.

Scale Up from Analytical to Preparative Scale

  • It’s confirmed that it is possible to scale up directly from analytical to preparative scale.
  • Similar to analytical scale, each analyte is resolved/separated in preparative conditions.

Preparative Separation of Insulin (1)

Optimized Stationary Phase for the Separation of Peptides and Proteins

  • The C18 column with 120Å pore size is appropriate for peptides up to 5000 MW, similar to the analysis of ordinary small molecules. In the case of large peptides or small proteins up to MW 20000, the C8 column with 200Å pore sizes gives the best efficiency. Most large proteins are separated efficiently by C4 column with 300Å


Slurry Container

  • We offer optional containers for DAC columns, which further facilitates easier packing of the column
  • Agitation method of slurry container is a circuit system, which doesn’t require an agitator.

We offer a variety of options to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

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