Retention and Separation for Extremely Polar Compounds

HILIC (hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography) fills the gap between reversed phase and normal phase chromatography because polar compounds can be retained while using eluents and buffers suitable for LC-MS.

  • HILIC is an ideal mechanism for analysis of extremely polar analytes
  • HILIC eluents are compatible with LC-MS systems

Triart Diol-HILIC Advantages

Triart Diol-HILIC begins with an organic/inorganic hybrid base particle with excellent durability and usability across the wide range of pH 2-10. Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds which are not retained by reversed phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography.


YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC: Features & Benefits

Base Material: Organic/inorganic multilayered hybrid
Stationary Phase: Dihydroxypropyl (USP L20)
Particle Size: 1.9µm
Directly scalable to larger particles
Pore Size: 120Å
Carbon Load: 12%
Bonding: Polymeric type
Endcapping: Non-endcapped
pH Range: 2-10
Temperature Range: Up to 50⁰C

– Dihydroxypropyl phase bonded to organic/inorganic hybrid silica particle
– Ideal for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds that are not retained by reversed phase chromatography
– Superior chemical durability
– Identical selectivity over particle sizes
– Ideal for HPLC and UHPLC

YMC-Triart columns are well-suited to a variety of applications in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.  YMC-Triart’s performance in wide-ranging conditions arguably makes it an ideal universal reversed-phase column choice.



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Product List

Product Table

Particle Size Pore Size Column ID (mm) Column Length (mm) Part Number Price Quantity
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 20 TDH12SP9-0202PT $965.00
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 30 TDH12SP9-0302PT $965.00
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 50 TDH12SP9-0502PT $1,007.00
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 75 TDH12SP9-L502PT $1,007.00
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 100 TDH12SP9-1002PT $1,023.00
1.9µm 120Å 2.0 150 TDH12SP9-1502PT $1,043.00
1.9µm 120Å 3.0 30 TDH12SP9-0303PT $1,007.00
1.9µm 120Å 3.0 50 TDH12SP9-0503PT $1,007.00
1.9µm 120Å 3.0 75 TDH12SP9-L503PT $1,007.00
1.9µm 120Å 3.0 100 TDH12SP9-1003PT $1,015.00
1.9µm 120Å 3.0 150 TDH12SP9-1503PT $1,043.00
1.9µm 120Å 4.6 50 TDH12SP9-0546PT $1,007.00