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Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

At YMC, we provide many choices for mAb-related separations. Some examples:

  • Triart Bio C4 is used for reversed phase separations of intact mAbs and other large proteins.
  • YMC BioPro HIC BF is a new phase ideal for separation of antibody drug conjugates by hydrophobic interaction (HIC).
  • YMC BioPro Ion Exchange columns are useful for mAb charge variant analysis.

Of course, these columns are not restricted to these applications; and these applications are not restricted to these columns… and we’d be happy to help you sort out the best choice for your specific application(s). Continue reading

Preparing for PREP 2019: Come see YMC America!

If you are planning on attending PREP 2019 – the Prep Symposium – in Baltimore (July 7-10), please put YMC America on your agenda – we are in Booth 7 – on the left, immediately inside the exhibit and poster entrance.

PREP 2019 is a great place for one-on-one discussions of application wishes and challenges; and, of course, we’re always interested to provide an update on what’s new at YMC for prep. Continue reading