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YMC-Triart PFP: A Hybrid-Silica Pentafluorophenyl Phase

November 7, 2017


YMC-Triart PFP is a non-endcapped stationary phase with unique selectivity that can be useful for separating halogen-containing compounds, polar analytes, and compounds that contain minor structural differences.  Triart PFP can be used at high temperatures (50⁰C) over a pH range of 1-8, and chromatographers can take advantage of these other key features and benefits:

  • Pentafluorophenyl phase bonded to organic/inorganic hybrid silica particle
  • Ideal for HPLC and UHPLC
  • Different selectivity from C18 or C8 with polar interaction and π-π interaction that plays a major role in the separation
  • Superior planar and steric cognitive ability
  • Superior chemical durability
  • Identical selectivity over different particle sizes


The Triart Hybrid Advantage

The core material for every one of our YMC-Triart products is the hybrid-silica particle, inspired by YMC’s flow chemistry technology. Built-in to our manufacturing process is a high level of temperature and particle formation control, which results in consistent, reproducible, and scalable particles across various particle sizes.

The hybrid Triart particles create a material that is very resilient and robust when utilized at extreme pH and elevated temperatures. Furthermore, these particles are incredibly stable under mechanical stress such as high pressure.

The YMC Advantage

We’ve been manufacturing the best in liquid chromatography products for more than 35 years. In addition to silica and hybrid-silica based LC columns, YMC offers bulk packing materials, preparative systems, and many other chromatography components that your company may need.

We pride ourselves in offering a number of customer service options for businesses and managers who have questions or who would like to ensure that they’re getting the right materials and columns for their specific needs. Our customer service team is fully trained in the use of all our products and can help recommend specific LC packings and accessories for your chromatography projects.

We work together with our clients to understand the needs of each account, and we provide you with a variety of ways to reach our team and get the support that you need.

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