Micro/Capillary HPLC

Miniaturization of liquid chromatography in combination with mass spectrometry has several advantages including improvements in sensitivity and dramatically reduced solvent consumption, compared to conventional HPLC or UHPLC.  With further method optimization, runtime can also be reduced and therefore even more solvent and/or time can be saved.

To meet the requirements of MicroLC/CapillaryLC/NanoLC, YMC offers capillary columns specially designed for use with corresponding chromatography systems.

  • Over 30 YMC phases available
  • Compatible with Capillary/NanoLC systems
  • Extremely low sample volumes and flow rates
  • Phases for RP, NP, and HILIC
  • 9, 2, 3, and 5µm particles
  • Lengths from 50 to 150mm
  • D. from 75 to 500µm
  • Guard columns, usable for trapping/desalting

Normal Phase

columnsYMC Normal-Phase Micro/Capillary Columns

– polyvinyl alcohol bonded to silica
Polyamine II
– mixed secondary and tertiary amino derivative
NH2 (Amino)
– Primary amino derivative
CN (Cyano)
– useful for SFC applications as well as proteins, steroids and catechols
– versatile alternative to silica for normal-phase separation
SIL (bare silica)
– ultra-high purity and high mechanical strength
Triart-Diol HILIC
– versatile HILIC column with wide pH range