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YMC Glass Columns for Preparative Chromatography

February 7, 2018

At YMC America, Inc., we continue to produce high-quality products for laboratories that are looking to buy HPLC column packing material and pre-packed liquid chromatography columns.  In addition to our wide variety of stainless steel columns, we also offer preparative glass columns.

Our glass columns come in three types: ECO, ECOPLUS and Pilot scale.

ECO columns are applicable for many types of soft gel and low-pressure liquid chromatography operations that have a pressure limit between 10 and 30 bar, according to diameter. Customers can select one or two adjustable length plungers, and can also request a water-jacketed option for applications that require it.

Our ECO columns are available in two forms: One option is the Aqueous Buffer (AB) version for use with water-based buffers and cold room applications. The other is the Solvent Resistant (SR) version to use for all modes of normal and reversed phase chromatography.

ECOPLUS glass columns, on the other hand, are multi-functional columns for use with a pressure limit between 30 and 80 bar. Their “Quick-Lock” connection system grants the user the ability to open and close the column both quickly and easily. Like the ECO type, these columns are also available in both AB and SR versions.

With the option to choose an adjustable length plunger for each end, along with a completely inert triple chevron sealing system, the SR version supports a full spectrum of applications including not only classical normal phase and reversed phase chromatography, but also biochromatography as well.

The third type of glass column we produce is our pilot column. This column type is specifically designed for use at pilot and production scale using aqueous buffers or organic solvents (SR version) and has a pressure limit between 25 and 80 bar. This flexibility grants scientists the ability to work in both normal phase and reversed phase, as well as ion-exchange chromatography.

If you’re interested in learning more specifications of our glass columns or you’d like to buy normal phase HPLC columns, you can do so here on our website. If you’d like to speak with a representative, please call 888-341-8380.