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This page contains links to a wide variety of applications-based resource material. If you don’t see something covering an area of particular interest to you, please ask!
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Peptides on Triart C18

Purification of Peptides

Improved Purifications


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Use our Applications Search page to mine a dynamically growing collection of over 350 YMC-produced application notes.
The data can be searched by any combination of several variables, including sample classification, compound name (including partial names), and column parameters.

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Posters & Presentations

Posters and Presentations

Posters and Presentations Grouped by Application Type

Life Science / Biomolecules

Includes Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids, Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins, Monoclonal Antibodies, Organic Acids, Fatty Acid Derivatives.


Includes Antibiotics, Vitamins, Steroids, Metabolites, Drug Substances. For Carotenoid (and other natural products) separations, see Miscellaneous. Also, for Pharmaceutical and Drug Compound searches, see Application Search tool above.


Includes Foods, Food Additives, Natural Products, Environmental, other uncategorized.

Chiral Separations


Posters and Presentations Grouped by Product Type

ACTUS. Semi-Preparative Separations BioPro. Ion Exchange Separations C-30. Separation of Carotenoids Chiral. For separation of optical isomers Exphere. Reversed phase silica-based spherical material HILIC. Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography Hydrosphere. Hydrophilic C18 material Meteoric Core. Reversed phase core-shell material Normal Phase Triart. Reversed phase hybrid material

UltraHT. Fast LC columns for LC-MS and fast analysis Size Exclusion

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